Strong developments within SPAK, the prosecutors extend the investigation deadlines for Arben Ahmetaj by 3 months and send summons to the oligarch who is accused of money laundering

Strong developments within SPAK, the prosecutors extend the investigation

Spartak Ngjela reveals the "bombastic" behind-the-scenes: This is why the divorce of Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi cannot save them from the shackles and the strong reason that DASH senior official Richard Nephew avoided meetings in Tirana with the 'R...

Spartak Ngjela reveals the "bombastic" behind-the-scenes: This is why

Sali Berisha did not have a mandate according to the Constitution, the head of the DP makes way for Argita and prepares to crown his daughter on the throne with the July 12 protest, Gaz Bardhi ends up as a "squeezed lemon"

Sali Berisha did not have a mandate according to the Constitution, the head of

The testimony in SPAK that sinks Niko Pelesh for his connections with Klodian Zoto is revealed, the former director of Korça Waterworks reveals it before special prosecutors

The testimony in SPAK that sinks Niko Pelesh for his connections with Klodian

Here are the new details from the report to SPAK about Allajbeu, how the oligarch in cooperation with Janis Karathanos stole more than 200 million euros in concessions, to camouflage the thefts they employed their relatives in the "winning" companies, ...

Here are the new details from the report to SPAK about Allajbeu, how the

The mandate for deputy of Sali Berisha in the "string of thread", there will be a clash for Article 71 of the Constitution, this is who has the "fate" of the "non-woman" in his hands, say the jurists

The mandate for deputy of Sali Berisha in the "string of thread",

Frrok Çupi brings out the black "CV" of Sali Berisha in 30 years, from his collaboration with the leader of Serbia, the attacks on the US embassy in Tirana, the coup d'état in '98, the killing of 4 protesters on January 21, to the names of terrorists w...

Frrok Çupi brings out the black "CV" of Sali Berisha in 30

The Swiss authorities reveal the name of the businessman who became a guarantor for Arben Ahmetaj in Switzerland, how he hired the woman with a salary of 9,000 francs per month, details from the investigation file are revealed

The Swiss authorities reveal the name of the businessman who became a guarantor


More "VIP" arrests are expected, this is the big hit that will be made by SPAK, Ervin Karamuço tells the unsaid of the biggest operation that has ever been done in Albania

More "VIP" arrests are expected, this is the big hit that will be made

The well-known professor, Ervin Karamuço, has shown strong details regarding yesterday's SPAK mega-operation for well-known characters of the world of crime, connected to politicians and senior police officials. During an interview for "SOT" newspaper, Mr. Karamuço warned of other "VIP" arrests in the following days. According to him, the big blow will happen in the State Police. Also, Karamuço said that SPAK has solved murders that have long been without a perpetrator.

- You warned that a big operation will take place, how did you know and when you know, those who are searching know and learn this too?

- There were already in the afternoon that there were rumors about a big operation where the forces of RENEA, FNSH and the structures of the operational unit of the General Directorate of the State Police, BKH, would be engaged. It was understood that there would be a very large operation that could cover only one area but several areas and several regions of Albania. It was about the operation 'Metamorphosis 2'. It was known by several people and the fact that it arrived as a notification on our mobile phones that we know that this or others are being done, means that most likely this operation is de-conspiracy. We cannot prejudge until the end as it is not over yet and the big operation is still going on. It is even now located in the surroundings of Tirana where a part of RENEA is conducting checks and research. We will see how the numbers of those who have been arrested and those who have long since left Albania will be. We will make a report, a conclusion that how many of those who were in Albania and left immediately as soon as this operation began, may have been notified by special structures or by those who until yesterday and today may have had the payments on the list Theirs.

- Earlier, Altin Dumani stated during the report in the KLP where he said that we are afraid to do major operations due to deconspiracy. Who will do them if the police don't do them?

- I had a communication with one of the representatives of the Special Structure, I even wrote him a message and told him if there is something going on, stop it because the fact that they find out about it means that he is deconspiratorial and will not you have results. Anyway, the operation continues, it is their duty then to come to their conclusions about what went wrong and what went right, but we will wait until the final statement of the Special Structure, so that I can give us a big summary. The first, for the charges filed and which are very serious charges for ordering murders and up to concrete executions, murders for hire, because it is the turn of ENCROCHAT and SKY's own preference for these types of issues, for this high level. For the first time we look because of those few names, because not all the names have come out, no official list has come out. Not all the names have come out, you will hear many other names, they are suspected members of organized crime in some of the main cities of the country. Also, among them you will see the names of two policemen, one former senior leader of Lezhë District, and another, senior leader of one of the special departments of the State Police until now. There are two, but their names have not been released, I have the impression that they must have been arrested. These are also in the list of 48 names. There are others expected in the days and weeks to come. This is "Metamorphosis 2", and the double is bigger than the single. The names that will appear are not only these, but there are also several other names that in the following days, the journalists of the chronicle will each make their CVs, where you will see that the accusations are serious. But also the figures that have been provided and put for the murder of other people. Many big murders that until today were a mystery, that happened in 2019, at most in the beginning of 2020, will be revealed to us. But the numbers are very high, so we will face the same situation and the same narrative that we have had since the time of Nuredin Duman's testimony.

- When we say that very high numbers, very serious murders will be revealed, can this be considered the biggest operation ever?

So far yes. With the names involved and the areas in which they have a significant weight, their role, their influence, connections with the State Police, connections with politicians. One of them, a policeman there is universally known to have had a very strong connection and support by being promoted by a senior politician, up to the level of deputy. Prime Ministers. The fact that deputy The prime minister of that time supported and promoted it a lot, he didn't know what he was doing, but the fact that we support these and tomorrow they appear as guarantors of many activities of organized crime, this shows that we have a responsibility that we will share between crime organized, institutions and political representatives.

- Where does the former deputy of the SP, Arben Ndoka, fit in this whole story?

Nuk e di, por di vetëm diçka që gjithë ky operacion po bëhet vetëm për akuza të rënda të vrasjeve dhe organizimeve të tyre. Do të shikojmë si do të jetë rroli i gjithsecilit dhe si do të jetë roli i dyshuar pasi ne jemi në fazën e parë. Më pas do të kalojnë në hetim e më pas në gjykim e do të dënohen. Jemi ende në fazën e parë ku Prokuroria ka siguruar prova të mjaftueshme që krijojnë një dyshim për t’i arrestuar këto dhe GJKKO-ja i ka miratuar si masa paraprake.

- Në media qarkullonin tituj që e lidhnin gjithçka me Ervis Martinajn ku dikush shkruante kundërshtarët, dikush shkruante se policia po godet kundërshtarët e tij e ca tituj shkruhej se ortakët por a ka qenë Ervis Martinaj strumbullari i të gjitha lidhjeve të bandave kriminale në vend?

Jo çdo gjë që po ndodh ka të bëj me lidhje të aktivitetit të Ervis Martinajt por mund të jenë edhe personazhe që kanë qenë në rivalitet shumë të fortë edhe bashkëpunëtor të tij por jo domosdoshmërisht të lirua me emrin e tij.

- Cilat janë ngjarjet dhe vrasja më e rëndë që mund të jetë zbardhur plotësisht?

Një prej ngjarjeve që është zbardhur plotësisht nga Prokuroria e Strukturës së Posaçme është vrasja e ‘Kumbarit të Veriut’, mos gaboj me mbiemrin Pllana.

- Deri në cilën masë mund të realizohet lista e arresteve në GJKKO nga 48 që kërkohen?

Nga emrat që kam parë deri tani, disa prej tyre mos them shumica janë në kërkim ndërkombëtar dhe e dinë ku janë të strehuar. Disa iu është komunikuar në paraburgim dhe në burg sepse vuajnë aktualisht dënimin. E disa të tjerë deri dje kanë qenë në punën e tyre por si duket nëse nuk gjenden në banesë do të thotë që e kanë marrë që më parë lajmin dhe janë larguar. Ky kontingjent i fundit që po flasim, do të peshohet se a është dekonspiruar ky operacion apo jo. Do të shohim numrin e arresteve, fletë arrestin se sa prej tyre janë ekzekutuar.

- Gjithçka vjen si rezultat i transkriptimeve të SKY EÇ, çfarë bëhet me këto transkriptime të cilat nuk janë bërë në Shqipëri? Është dorëzuar gjithçka apo vazhdohet dhe ka akoma më shumë material?

There has been a big debate, especially in the last year, regarding whether or not the verdicts of various courts in Belgium, where a large process with ENRCOCHATIN, which is a extraordinary problem where there are over 400 people and a final decision is expected in September. In addition to those documents, transcripts, in addition to being an indication combined with field actions, have been converted into evidence. And with this evidence, many people are going to prison. The same thing will happen in Albania. So, no one should have the desire, the idea or the great aspiration that can escape justice by procedure due to the decisions of the European Court of Justice that concern EU countries. All those who appear in the transcripts and are proven by the pro-active actions of SPAK who have really been logged in in such and such a country, have exchanged information and met other people, will face the law and go to prison.

- Can the list be expanded from the ranks of the State Police?

Undoubtedly there will be others, even of a higher level since these were not the only ones there and it is known who they had mentors in the State Police, who they were supported by and indirectly how they had a direct connection with members of organized crime. But there is nothing concrete so far and it is expected in the coming days.

- In other areas, there will be arrests after a businessman was rumored, a relative of Petri Gjoka, the prosecutor who was arrested in Metamorfoza 1?

Sometimes they appear to us as members of organized crime, suspects anyway, and sometimes they appear to us as businessmen and sometimes as ex-politicians, but they are the same. It's a triangle where they are now finding out from day to day what these organizations are like.

Interviewed by: Rigels Seliman