Ilir Meta has a luxurious bar in the middle of London, here are the politicians and directors who have served as carriers of his money and the details of his secret business with connections in India where 1 white stone costs 400 euros, Idajet Beqiri r...

Ilir Meta has a luxurious bar in the middle of London, here are the politicians

SPAK investigations cause strong clashes in the dome of PL, here is the list of "VIP" names that risk handcuffs, from falsification of forms, to money laundering, Ilir Meta excludes Monika Kryemadhi and all her supporters at the management level

SPAK investigations cause strong clashes in the dome of PL, here is the list of

Edi Rama warns of a storm of changes in the government, the door to running in the 2025 elections was closed to corrupt officials and those who have open accounts with SPAK, the prime minister challenges the Americans and bursts into attacks and accusa...

Edi Rama warns of a storm of changes in the government, the door to running in

SPAK has entered a "mined" area, sensitive information classified as secret has been stolen, this is how deputies can be blackmailed, in a mafia scheme involving foreign intelligence services, police actions are at risk, Kreshnik Spahiut explodes the "...

SPAK has entered a "mined" area, sensitive information classified as

Romeo Kara: Here is the sensational evidence that justice has discovered for the Meta-Kryemadhi couple, SPAK is nearing the end of the investigation into the money laundering file, the communication of the charge is expected, the arrest of Argita Mallt...

Romeo Kara: Here is the sensational evidence that justice has discovered for the

The den of "non-women" is divided, Ilir Meta attacks Reestablishment and declares the break with Sali Berisha, here are the accusations against the former leader of the DP

The den of "non-women" is divided, Ilir Meta attacks Reestablishment

The Re-establishment with Rilindah market continues, Berisha deepens the attacks on Erion Veliaj, calls for early elections in the Municipality of Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, candidate of "Foltores", Edi Rama with "not even under his sleeve"

The Re-establishment with Rilindah market continues, Berisha deepens the attacks

The son of the former minister of the Democratic Party, a candidate for the Ombudsman, the behind-the-scenes of another Rama-Berisha secret bazaar is revealed, the aim is to attack the Reform of Justice through the "non-woman" man

The son of the former minister of the Democratic Party, a candidate for the


The file is cleared, here is the new "bombastic" evidence that implicates Sali Berisha in the murders of 4 protesters on the boulevard that may end up on March 12 at the SPAK desk

The file is cleared, here is the new "bombastic" evidence that

The Supreme Court decided yesterday, on March 12, to review the request of the family members of Aleks Nika, who was killed in the protest of January 21, 2011, who request that the file of "January 21" be transferred to SPAK. The court session will take place with the presence of the parties at 1:00 p.m., i.e. Nika's family and representatives of SPAK, where it will also be determined afterwards whether the case will be handed over to the Special Prosecutor's Office, breaking the decision of the two levels previous. The college considered it necessary to listen to the parties because the issue is important from the point of view of law, for the unification or development of judicial practice. Aleks Nika was one of the 4 protesters who were killed by the state's bullets in the protest of January 21, 2011. It will be the Supreme Court that, with an injunction, will decide whether the investigations will continue with the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana or if they will pass to SPAK. to open the investigation of what the Strasbourg Court called a state crime.

Uncle Alex reacts to Nika

Aleks Nika's uncle is disappointed by this decision. "It is an unexpected decision for us. We still do not believe that the high court will express itself like this. They have a legal and constitutional obligation because the Strasbourg court charges the state to investigate the case because it is a state crime. We suspect that officials of the time were involved in the killing of the protestors, and SPAK should have done this. We will follow it to the end, this is the legal path, we consider this decision of the high court to be clearly against the law. The decision for January 21 is a touchstone for the new justice. This decision is a failure because there is no need for a judicial investigation, they should have expressed themselves in the counseling room", Mark Nika concluded his reaction.

Here is the file with the "burning" evidence for the Supreme Court

"SOT" newspaper disclosed the file that will be taken over by SPAK, if the Supreme Court decides on March 12 that the case should be passed to SPAK. The evidence that was presented for justice by Nika's family lawyer is: Berisha, with his mouth, with his face, universally accepted the entire scheme of the organization of the criminal organization, the positioning of each of its members, the orders that were given. SPAK must relive it as an issue, since there is direct and indirect evidence, starting with Berisha's alibis to hide the actions of the criminal organization that the murders were allegedly done by the protesters themselves, with the disappearance of the Prime Minister's servers by order of this former Prime Minister, with the order that Sali Berisha gave to the State Police not to execute the decisions to arrest the guards who executed with firearms 4 killed and dozens injured on January 21, with his alibi that these murders were due to a coup d'état organized against him, as Prime Minister, former President of the Republic, former Prosecutor General and head of the Albanian opposition, etc.


Also mentioned before the court, the last decision of Strasbourg for Aleks Nika, which says that there are two violations in this case: Murder and then not investigating the murder! In the decision of this court, it is emphasized that the state is responsible for the murder of Aleks Nika, while the culprit must be punished. So, according to them, Strasbourg gave a shocking blow to Sali Berisha and his gang who carried out the orders for the murders on January 21. The court remembers the moment when Berisha came out and talked about umbrellas, pistols and knives with poison. He also mentions the pressures on the General Prosecutor of that time, Ina Rama. This decision should set SPAK in motion according to the family members to start in-depth investigations for all the evidence mentioned by Strasbourg that have not been investigated. 

The evidence of Ndrea Prendi

Important evidence proving that the orderer of these murders was the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, is the fact that the Commander of the Guard, a member of the criminal organization, after being called to the former Prime Minister's office to receive the order to execute some of the protesters and had a fierce debate with him, which degenerated into the exercise of severe physical violence that the former Prime Minister exerted on Guard Commander Ndrea Prendi, the latter acted immediately with the chain of other members of the criminal organization and with firearms of the Guard of the Republic, carried out the state massacre, killing 4 citizens of this country and injuring dozens more.


The well-known lawyer Idajet Beqiri has taken to SPAK and the audio-interception where the authentic conversations between the head of the Guard at that time and the deputy of the guard are disclosed below.

First communication:

Ndrea Prendi: Alfred listens?

Alfred Ahmetcenaj: I am listening

Ndrea Prendi: They are getting very close, you must be ready to fire

Alfred Ahmetcenaj: I understood you correctly.


Komandanti i Gardës Ndrea Prendi: Të mbahen armët në dorë gati për zjarr. Të mbahen armët në dorë gati për zjarr në ajër. Pastaj kur të them unë në trup.

Ndrea Prendi: Artan (Artan Hoxha, zv komandanti i Gardës). Dëgjon? Artan dëgjon?

Artan Hoxha: Dëgjoj, dëgjoj.


Ndrea Prendi: Me të kaluar gardhi i telave do hapet zjarr luftarak

Artan Hoxha: Kuptova, kuptova

Ndrea Prendi: Ky është urdhri, Dashamir dëgjuat

Dy efektiva të njësisë speciale: Alfred (Alfred Ahmetcenaj): ta-ta-ta gjakos (urdhëri për të vrarë)

Komunikimet (urdhrat) janë dhënë vetëm me radio nga komandanti i Gardës për vartësit e tij. Pasi u dha urdhri për të qëlluar, u zbatua duke realizuar të shtënat një nga një dhe me breshëri, nuk është dhënë me asnjë urdhër tjetër për të qëlluar. Nga komunikimi në radio, menjëherë pas vrasjeve të protestuesve, ka janë qetësi absolute tek komandanti i Gardës dhe oficerët drejtues me të cilët ai komunikon. Komunikimi në vijim është sikur nuk ka ndodhur asgjë, madje nuk përmendet në asnjë moment që ka të vrasë apo të plagosur.

I panjohur: 260 i Luanit, dëgjon?

260 i Luanit: Ju dëgjoj!

I panjohur: Të kërkon ministri, këtu në radio!


Audio: Menjëherë dëgjohen të shtëna tek e tek, sërish dëgjohen 8 të shtëna radhazi një nga një.

Ndrea Prendi: Alfred?

Alfred Ahmetcenaj: Po dëgjoj (dëgjohen 2-3 të shtëna tek e tek)

Ndrea Prendi: Kujdes municionin! Kujdes municionin!


Ndrea Prendi: Martin më dëgjon? Agim më dëgjon? Agim? Agim? 202 i Tufanit (kodi i radios) më dëgjon?

202 i Tufanit: Këtu jam. Ngjitur, ngjitur.

Ndrea Prendi: Alfred, një grup i njësisë speciale këtu tek porta numër 2.

Alfred Ahmetcenaj: Të kuptova

Ndrea Prendi: Artan më dëgjon?!

Artan Hoxha: Dëgjoj!

Ndrea Prendi: Le ta djegin pemën nuk ka problem

I panjohur: 260 e Luanit?

I panjohur: Luani 3

Në këtë provë të rëndësishme, të cilën Prokuroria e Posaçme kundër Korrupsionit dhe Krimit të Organizuar duhet ta marrë, t’a administroj dhe t/a anilozjë veçmas dhe në tërësi me provat e tjera, del qartë dhe pa ekuiviok se ka dyshime të arsyeshme, madtje tej çdo dyshimi, se kemi të bëjmë me një organizatë të mirëfilltë kriminale të krijuar për të bërë vrasje politike, e cila parashikohet si vepër penale e rëndë në nenin 333 i Kodit Penal, sikurse këto 4 vrasje dhe numri i personave të plagosur janë kryer nga kjo organizatë kriminale, vepër penale kjo e parashikuar nga neni 334 i Kodit Penal.

Pse SPAK duhet të nisë hetimet?

On the other hand, the lawyer of the families of the victims of January 21 puts forward the argument that the criminal organization named by him headed by Sali Berisha should be investigated by SPAK "because with the constitutional amendments, approved through law no. 76/2016 for some additions and amendments to law no. 8417, dated 21.10.1998, "The Constitution of the Republic of Albania, (amended), among other things, in its article 135, the establishment of the Special Court Against Corruption and Organized Crime is foreseen, which adjudicates criminal offenses of corruption and organized crime, as well as criminal charges against the President of the Republic, the Speaker of the Assembly, the Prime Minister, the member of the Council of Ministers, the judge of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor General, the High Inspector of Justice , the Mayor, deputy, deputy minister, member of the High Judicial Council and the High Prosecution Council, or even the accusations against the former officials above. Based on the above, when the criminal complaint was made against the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania and the current MP Sali Berisha, against the former Minister of the Interior and the current MP Lulëzim Basha, etc., when the criminal report shows evidence, facts and reasonable suspicions that we are before a criminal organization, which has committed serious crimes, some qualified murders and numerous injuries, as provided for in articles 333 and 334 of the Criminal Code, the Prosecution at the Court of First Instance does not have the subject competence to investigate this case Tirana, but SPAK", the file says.