Kreshnik Spahiu: Here is the dirty agreement of Rama, Meta and Berisha that is still in force, their tactics of threatening files, the scheme that the prime minister is using with the internationals to stay in power and the two heavy blows that will be...

Kreshnik Spahiu: Here is the dirty agreement of Rama, Meta and Berisha that is

Head of the Joint Movement, Arlind Qori: I'll show you the recipe to topple Edi Rama and the economic oligarchy that supports him, here is the file that if properly investigated by SPAK will put the prime minister behind bars, Meta-Berisha head and nec...

Head of the Joint Movement, Arlind Qori: I'll show you the recipe to topple

Here is the key witness who made the "hole" from Meta's cell for the "CEZ-DIA" affair, SPAK has seized the cell phones of Kryemadhi and her children with conversations from 2013-2015, 100 people are questioned, from relatives, associates and doctors , ...

Here is the key witness who made the "hole" from Meta's cell for

Minister of Finance, Ervin Mete: Here's what you need to know about the categories that benefit from salary increases, the details of pension indexation and the period when the bonus will be distributed, there will be a support package for the needy, h...

Minister of Finance, Ervin Mete: Here's what you need to know about the

Here is the "big American punch" in the face of Sali Berisha, Ilir Meta and Edi Rama, the USA comes out on the side of Altin Duman, demands that the opposition distance itself from "non-women" and gives a strong message that misgovernance and corruptio...

Here is the "big American punch" in the face of Sali Berisha, Ilir

Here is the contract in the hands of the prosecutors that is making the "hole" for Ilir Meta and Monika, the role of Kryemadhi's mother and brother Drini who received 360 million ALL from SGS, the 2 people who opened the former president's files in SPA...

Here is the contract in the hands of the prosecutors that is making the

Ilir Meta accuses Zeni television of having received an order to close its doors, Monika Kryemadhi attacks her husband as a servant of Edi Rama

Ilir Meta accuses Zeni television of having received an order to close its

Spartak Braho speaks without "gloves", here are the details from Ilir Meta's old illness, his maneuvers with the exception of Monika Kryemadhi and the strong behind-the-scenes happening inside the former LSI, from the departure of their safes associate...

Spartak Braho speaks without "gloves", here are the details from Ilir


Against the merger of the Bardhi-Berisha group/ "Let's not tear up the party under the name of 'Openness'", Murriz's proposal: To elect a new National Council because over 30% of...

Against the merger of the Bardhi-Berisha group/ "Let's not tear up the

As the National Reestablishment Council will meet today, where some changes will be made in the direction, a harsh reaction comes from the former MP Myslim Murrizi.

Through a message on "Facebook", Murrizi recalled the fierce protest that took place for the PD building, between the representatives of Berisha and those of Basha. He said who forgets quickly, makes mistakes often and gets disappointed a lot.

For personal reasons, I will not be at the National Council meeting today, but as the leading "elite" or dome that has taken the reins of the Re-establishment say, I cannot stay without talking or without disturbing them in their comfort, so I'm addressing you publicly even though I know you don't like it.
OFTEN AND IS VERY DISAPPOINTED So that the Pulpit does not turn into a Shrine, Re-establishment into a Return, Conservatism into a broken Can, Voting into Nomination and the Party into a group of people who put each other in, yes I publicly address anyone who wants and I know how to read without tricks and without slurs, reminding you of this shameful death in the 34-year history of the DP
Dear Dr. Berisha
Dear members of the national council
Dear DEMOCRATS wherever you are, but especially you, the delegate of the National Assembly on December 11 2021 and April 30, 2022

I am addressing you publicly with some questions that essentially have double-standard behavior outside of the statute for a narrow group of people who, for the sake of dirty deals, are catapulted outside of any moral norms articulated in every meeting since September 9, 2021, when all of these in the block they excluded Berisha and the MPs who supported Berisha at the beginning of the SPEECH
I am addressing you Doctor that it is useless to ask Flaguri, Ed, Oerti, Luciano, Albana or any of the 25 members of the presidency or the 12 secretaries elected by vote of the national council , as I know very well that almost everyone will shrug their shoulders and point their finger from your balcony.
The opening of the party is a necessity, but tearing it apart in the name of openness is fatal
. violated not a single line of the statute and without making the statute ridiculous or a worthless letter as many times as we need to flatter someone
I agree that the Reestablishment is also called the Return but not to reverse everything done for the sake of pleasing more than 10 people because the Party it is much bigger than that and the membership is much more valuable than any of us.
I agree that we can change the program and the ideological axis of the party and from conservatives who were told we can stay in the center and right, but not from conservatives let's go back to the conservative party.
I agree that the factions have their representatives in every governing body, but not the factions, the majority is left to the faction
. any opposition is marked immorality and fear or loss of fear or interest from any principle that has been articulated since September 9, 2021, or we show a lack of character in everything we say, making zero confidence to stick to principles, morality, character, dignity and that the end of the statute
With the full conviction that this writing will annoy the "forgiven" and the "returned" and more than this will annoy the poor servants, the poor, the caterpillars and the "slave" who never think but applaud everything he says the leader, who loves you when the leader loves you, hates and curses you when the leader doesn't love you, he doesn't even feel me at all as he hasn't felt me ??in these 34 years, because I never "bargain" with my FREEDOM for the sake of any chair Stinky wherever she may be, when the chair smells of stench
Dear Dr. Berisha
First, an extraordinary national assembly must be convened to cancel some decisions of the national assembly dated December 11, 2021, because all of these are excluded
E second in this assembly, let a new national council be re-elected because over 30% of those elected on April 30, 2022 are neither physically nor politically active and functional
According to the statute, all female deputies are automatically members of the national council, but after their exclusion is annulled, the
new national council will then elect the new presidency and secretariats, and in this race, let anyone who wants to, but anyone who seeks and aspires for a position, run for office. , I must come only through the vote, otherwise we make fun of ourselves and every democrat and every oppositionist wherever it is. As
for the number of vice-presidents, members of the presidency, secretaries, it doesn't matter if they will be 4-6-10 or 25, but each one it must be decided by vote.
If we are violating the statute or if we changed it, for everyone who is angry, then all those who feel humiliated, used, betrayed or betrayed by what has served as a cause in this period will be angry. on September 9, 2021
My sincerity does no harm to anyone and unfortunately time has shown that I was right in every reaction, attitude or opinion I expressed both within the structures and publicly, even though seasonal political threads have labeled me with bad language of them lepires that knows no limits of what is lepin and how much lepin
Why Flamuri, Edi, Oerti, Luciano and the 20 other members of the leadership accepted the race and the vote of the national council while Gazi, Agroni or Jorida and others should be "graded" without vote????
What is the difference between them and what do the second group have more or more important than the first?????
If this is done, then who is the moral they follow for others?
Or who insults more, who deceives more, who beats or throws tear gas at the democrats and who manipulates more for the interests of his mind, is respected, valued, promoted and promoted without competition????
Although I very much doubt this "approach" that lacks sincerity, this mechanical and fake union that behind this movement has other goals, again I would accept it with great effort if everything comes from the race and from the vote, otherwise we become worse than rain and worse than rebirth,
I may be wrong, but June is near and the "dream" of every cheater will come out, even though for their category they lick without a problem what they have on their scales, nothing is taboo.
I have returned to the national council with the votes of the delegates of the national assembly on April 30, 2022, after this assembly approved the resolution that recognized as a fatal mistake the burning of the mandates and the forgiveness of 60 Rames municipalities, but I would never accept without a vote of the delegates and without an apology for the collective deviation of February 2019
I have returned to contribute to the opposition for a center-right political force, which is based on the VOTE in every race and which does not bargain with the morality of what has been said publicly and is sanctioned in the statute
Dear Doctor Berisha
I wish and hope that you will spend 10 minutes of time to read it without any "hostile" doubts, without any negative charge and not as an sms of a gossiper who wants to be seen as a man who loves you, but as words from the heart of a man who has contributed to this political force since December 8, and who in 34 years of pluralism has been in power for only 5 years, 1992-1997, and for 27 years has been an oppositionist with full desire and conscience to defend his convictions as a CITIZEN FREE who does not have the honor to NEVER change for anyone and anything and who maintains an unwavering stance with the moral principles of character, dignity and free spirit
Dear Members of the National Council
Silence kills more than words, hypocrisy and hypocritical conformity, harms more than any truth, no matter how bitter it may be.
Therefore, do not be silent and do not raise your hands and applaud for any destruction of what has been achieved thanks to your stand and sacrifice and that of every DEMOCRATIC in these 11 difficult and difficult years of the opposition. of the dirty deals for the narrow interests of narrow individuals who have no moral boundaries and spine.
I appeal to those members of the national council who know very well what it means to violate the vote and to have double standards.
This long public letter it is not for those who serve Berisha and tell each other around the table that they should join because then they will get a doctorate, nor for those who see Gas as God and savior and who tell each other that Gas is very God, how much you put your feet in, but look when you put Berishes in, how they take away Berishes mandate.
I never write and never speak for those who have in mind the insertion and as cleverness they call infidelity, because I know very well that if we radiate this morality and show ourselves in front of the Albanians, it's like we're doing big politics by pushing each other at different times, don't worry that the Albanians will push us as far as the arm in 2025 again and I'm not "brave" and "brave" to be flattered or take it as " respect" to insert
I would ask very friendly that every oppositionist, member democrat or elected in the leadership forums read it with his eyes and mind, not as a vassal or slave of other people's opinions and you will prove me right very quickly, because today I know you will insult me ??as you have done several times, but I have understood you well because I have no intention of ever changing. Only
when I see these images I feel sorry for where the servile opposition has been, which they are ready to do for their empty seat any masquerade.

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